Secret Ideological-Political Messages of Hollywood Movies: Flags of Our Fathers and Examples of Honor and Courage Films

Ekrem Çelikiz

Harran University – Fine Art Faculty


Abstract: This study aims to reveal some contributions of American films to ideological discourses during the Cold War and after the end of it in terms of world political history. Moreover, it investigates how ideological l and political code-reflections are represented in those films. In this study, ideological and political representation forms implicit and explicit propaganda activities in American Hollywood films, are determined. The method of film scanning and film analysis is applied to identify cinematic elements that are used to shape the ideological discourses. As a result of the study, it is concluded that American Hollywood films effectively has used cinema as a propaganda tool.

Keywords: propoganda cinema, ideological cinema, political cinema, Hollywood secret codes, Hollywood cinema language, film language, film analysis.

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