Political subculture as a specific cultural phenomenon

Veronika Katermina

Kuban State University, Krasnodar, Russia

E-mail: veronika.katermina@yandex.ru

Abstraact: The article is devoted to the analysis of political subculture as a specific cultural phenomenon based on the material of substandard vocabulary. Slang is considered to be an integral part of any developed language and it emerges as an inevitable consequence of codification of a national language. Being the most dynamic layer of a lexico-semantic system of a language, slang updates very quickly; therefore, it represents basic concepts in a concentrated form, that is, the linguistic ground, which checks many other new elements of a language. In their turn, they may become standard literary language. Each political subculture is considered to possess conscious viewpoints but at the same time it should have special relations which will reinforce assessment and attitudes towards political phenomena and assist in bringing together the participants of this movement more closely. The article underlines that the analysis of substandard English political vocabulary contributes to the understanding of typical and specific peculiarities of their people by a language personality, and as a result of a description of cultural interpretation of a figurative basis of the slang units conceptual values of these peoples based on their mentality and the typical traits of an ethnos can be singled out.

Keywords: political communication; political subculture; substandard vocabulary; manipulation; metaphor; evaluation.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 39, April 2019

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