Stop-motion media self-regulation: Can codes of ethics fight disinformation (and win)

Iliya Valkov

University of National and World Economy


Abstract: The “phenomenon” of disinformation is flooding the public sphere. Different institutions have started to create information centers to fight “hybrid war”, official documents are voted at a European level, so that awareness of “fake news” a social problem is created. The research questions are: Are institutional measures sufficient to stop falsehood? Where are the good old-school professional standards? Can self-regulation in the media limit the effects of the well-coordinated spread of disinformation, which is more of a media condition than something new? The focus of the article is on the analysis of several cases from the Bulgarian public and media space related to fake news and media regulation.

Keywords: disinformation, fake news, self-regulation, regulation, ethical commission, media, journalism, professional standards.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 38, January 2019

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