Hypersocialisation in Digitality

Internet (and Virtual) Communication

Rossen K. Stoyanov

New Bulgarian University

E-mail: rossenstoyanov@nbu.bg

Abstract: Globalism, heterogeneity, complexity, and the very “virtuality” of the digital implies the particular difficulty in its realization, exploration and prediction. The digitalisation of communication, as one of the main arguments for this kind of determinate need of modern society, seems to be the general feature of the digital environment. On the other hand, in the virtual web space, the fourth dimension – time, has been replaced by digitality as its inherent core essence. This new „dimension” also implies endless and perspective opportunities for all of us and for every kind of human activity – for realization and change, for being and existence, and for personal future. Trends in reformatting the dominant offline relationships in societies also lead to „demands” for creating, searching for and following mega leaders instead of parties. And in this connection, the need for a new civil contract becomes more and more urgent.

Keywords: four-dimensional man, non-stop communication model, media sociology, Internet sociology, „the fourth place”, quaternary media.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 47, April 2021

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