Media Communication: Positive and Negative Manifestations

Media Communication

VanĨe Bojkov

University of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Engineering


Abstract: The article aims to present some features of communication in the media and in particular in social media. An overview of previous research on the subject has been made, and the aim is not to achieve completeness. The critical reading aims to present positive and negative manifestations of media communication, as well as its relations with politics, election campaigns and influence in society. The assumption is that the media change their functions in the modern media ecosystem, convergent media environment, striving to meet many requirements, including professional, ethical, technological, digital, creative, business among others. Attention is paid to the verbal, visual and non-verbal means used in media communication and to the requirements for them posed by the users, creators, senders and disseminators of the information.

Keywords: media communication, social media, trust, manipulation, demagogy, fake news, disinformation.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 47, April 2021

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