Draga Georgieva Popova – The Religious Factor in Ethnic Conflicts

Draga Georgieva Popova – The Religious Factor in Ethnic ConflictsAbstract: The investigation of ethno – religious conflicts is dictated by the complexity and flexibility of this phenomenon, a number of internal and external factors that influence the inner side of the religious, interfaith, ethnic and interethnic relations. For the exacerbation of ethno-religious conflicts, in the opinion of the author, contribute two groups of factors actually existing in society. Social factors, external to the religious subsystem, are the social phenomena and processes occurring in the state and the political structure of the country and affecting the relationship between state, society and religious communities.

Keywords: Islam, radical jihad, war, religion, god, Allah,, terror, ethnic tensions, ethno-religious conflicts, extremist religious practices, religious intolerance, social tensions Politicization of religion.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 22, April 2016, rhetoric.bg/, journal.rhetoric.bg, ISSN 1314-4464

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