Giorgio Agamben’s The Language of Philosophy and the Language of Poetry: The World in Crisis

Philosophy, Communication and Society

 DOI 10.55206/OIJK5535

Nora Goleshevska

Institute for Creative Civil Strategies


Abstract: The analysis consists in a translational commentary on Giorgio Agamben’s essay “When the House Burns Down” (Quando la casa brucia). It outlines the context in which the text of the Italian philosopher can be read in terms of his own philosophy of language. The essay that appeared in the second stage of Agamben’s pandemic critique redirected the attention of the philosopher from the health crisis to the main topics of his tought and the role of the language of poetry and the language of philosophy in it. In addition, the reader will also find Agamben’s essay “When the House Burns“, translated from Italian into Bulgarian by the author of the translation commentary.

Keywords: philosophy of language, language of philosophy, language of poetry, metaphor, crisis.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 58, January 2024

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