Education and Academic Communication: Functions and Intersections

DOI 10.55206/FKET4524

Ivan V. Cvetanović

University of Nis, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Communication and Journalism


Abstract: The crisis in education has been the problem for many decades and entropy in education does exist. The aim is to present a situation in Serbia concerning education and reforms as well as to highlight a new strategy in the process of education. The hypothesis is that entropy could be replaced by synergy and academic honesty could be integrated in the legal system in the domain of education in Serbia. The focus is on several topics: Good practices of scholars from the USA in the field of shared responsibility for student learning as a creative approach to reforms in education are presented. A few examples of negative appearances in the structure and organization in educational institutions in Serbia are analysed too. Some perspectives are described. The first one is related to unity, responsibility, and trust between all parties responsible for the successful education: teachers, students, and parents, local and state representatives. The second one is that without democratic media and objective and true information about the real situation in the domain of education, all efforts toward achieving progress will remain locked in the paper work and empty promises of a bureaucratic way of thinking in the field of education.

Кеywords: education, entropy, synergy, academic honesty, knowledge society, media.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 55, April 2023

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