Dropout of Young Teachers from the Education System: Motivations, Risk Factors and Possible Solutions

DOI: 10.55206/IULW6982

Nitza Hachmon

South-West University “Neofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad

E-mail: nitzah_ibm@yahoo.com

Krasimira Marulevska

South-West University “Neofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad

E-mail: krasimira_marulevska@swu.bg


rhetoric journalAbstract: This article discusses social, pedagogical, and managerial aspects of young teachers’ integration into the education system with a research focus on the issue of “young teachers dropping out” of the school system in the first years of their careers. This article further analyses the motives and risk factors which influence the process of teachers’ integration into the school environment. Possible solutions are sought to mitigate the risk of teachers permanently leaving the educational system. The need for developing a comprehensive system to support the successful professional adaptation and development of novice teachers – from their academic preparation and teaching practice, to their active period of professional consolidation and career development – is outlined. This article is based on up-to-date data of the implications of the issue within the education system of Israel. A mixed methods approach, combining quantitative and quali­tative research approaches, is used for the purpose of this research. The quantitative data aim to provide a macro-level picture of the process of attrition in the teaching profession in terms of teacher and educational institution characteristics. The qualitative part of the research includes an analysis of a number of documents on the policy of the Ministry of Edu­cation of Israel on teachers leaving the profession.

Keywords: Teacher preparation and qualification; Teacher’s career de­velopment; Adaptation of novice teachers, Teacher-mentor, Mentor.

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