Platforms for Compensating Deficits in Contemporary Journalism

Ilija Valkov

University of National and World Economy


Abstract: Contemporary journalism faces a number of problems. Shrinking independent funding. Aggressive misinformation. It is under pressure from various power centers. Journalists are forced to work under pressure with reduced staff, while at the same time providing fast, accurate and verified information to the public. The article traces the processes after the economic crisis in 2007-2013, which led to the emergence of new platforms that try to fill current gaps in the leading functions of the media – to inform, to be a public watchdog, to monitor and control the authorities. Cases from the USA and Bulgaria are examined, focusing on non-profit organizations of journalists who specialize in investigations and fact-checking. A survey was also conducted with representatives of some of these leading platforms – The Anti-Corruption Fund Bulgaria,, “Check” of Agence France-Presse and “For the truth”.

Keywords: journalism, media, platforms for fact-checking, investigative journalism, deficits.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 53, October 2022

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