The Fourth (Network) Power: Manifestations, Phenomena and Trends

Simeon Vassilev

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski


Abstract: The article is an attempt to present the meanings, dimensions and manifestations of the so-called fourth network power. The methods of desk research and case study are used, the aim being to present definitions of the term, changes in its meaning, relations between power, media and social media. Examples from different countries that present the manifestations of the fourth network power are highlighted. The legal parameters and attempts to regulate are identified, with references to international and national sources. Practices are examined and conclusions are drawn on possible development in the future. Suggestions are formulated regarding what may happen in society, media, and culture in case of changes in the fourth network power, which is characterized by dynamic changes, multifactorial determinism and multi-layered phenomena.

Keywords: power, fourth power, fourth network power, social media, free speech, regulations.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 51, April 2022

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