Rhetoric and Communication during the Pandemic – Value Change and Political Risk Enlargement

Rada Kodjabasheva

University of National and World Economy

E-mail: radakodjabasheva@gmail.com

Abstract: Political risk is perceived as a threat to the profits or plans of MNCs and FDI when the political environment changes. The study points out that this risk has other dimensions – social ones – that concern the whole social system, not just international business. In the pandemic years 2020/2021, national governments led a coordinated response to the international health crisis characterized by specific rhetoric and unprecedentedly unpopular measures. These have served to extend the boundaries of political risk to each individual. This not only confirmed the existence of social dimensions of political risk, but also revealed the risk of an overall reformulation of the social system, which includes the political subsystem as well. The introduction of this change, called the “new normal”, was carried out with the communication apparatus of the pandemic and concerns the value structure of civilization.

Keywords: political risk, social dimensions of political risk, COVID-19, values, rhetoric, communication, corporate civil society.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 51, April 2022

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