Topics and Microthemes in Bulgarian and English Humourous Wordplays

Tanya Borisova, PhD student

Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse,

Abstract: Joking is an intrinsic human feature and humorous texts are to be found in any language. All cultures have their humorous traditions and types of jokes which vary in genre. As laughter and joking in interpersonal communication on a daily basis are a common human need, there are universal topical triggers with a humourous effect. A comparative study on the topics and microthemes in ambiguity-based verbal jokes in Bulgarian and English can shed light on the types of social issues subjected to laughter in both cultures. А linguocultural comparative study of ambiguity-based verbal jokes can reveal differences of what the sociocultural topics of greater impact are and which of the topics are common to both cultures and can be considered universal.

Keywords: Intercultural communication, Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 49, October 2021

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 49, October 2021

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