Political Message Delivery and Digitalization: New Manifestations and Features

Public Communication, Digitalisation and Visualisation

Boris Stoyanov

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

E-mail: borisrstoyanov@yahoo.com

AbstractThe text at hand attempts to illustrate the importance of digitally based political communicationthe digitalization of political discourse and the dangers and difficulties that society and the political class are going to face entering the digital communication plane fully in the near future. The paper focuses on presenting key definitions and problems regarding online political discourse. For the purpose of solidifying statements made throughout the text, the author presents examples of senior officials’ adequate use of digital communication platforms, analyzing them and shedding light on the approach said figures had when sharing online. The text is split into two main parts. The first focuses on the theoretical overview of the issue at hand, while the second attempts to align the theory to practice. The conclusion contains a summary of summarizes all points mentioned previously and gives predictions of how the approach of political individuals and the perception of the public has started changing and how it is going to change further. Finally, the author speculates on future possibilities of how political speech, communication and message delivery is going to be conducted via the digital plane.

Key words: policy, politics, political message delivery, digitalization, impact, influence

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