A Cultural Dimension as a New Perspective to Teach about the European Union: Taking ‘Cultural Studies on European Integration’ in China as an Example

WANG Xiaohai

School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou 510420, P. R. China

Email: wangxhai@gdufs.edu.cn

Abstract: European integration is not only an economic, political and social process, but also a cultural one. From the very beginning of the European integration process up to the 1980s, culture did not come into the sight of those who determined priorities at the European level and it was marginalized by the majority of academic studies about European integration. In recent years, an interest in the cultural dimension of European integration has been developed. Scholars argue that a cultural dimension should be added to political, economic and social European integration. This paper probes into the theoretical basis on which a textbook designed for MA students in China, ‘Cultural Studies on European Integration’, can be founded and illustrates what possible topics could be included in teaching the course, in the light of the interrelationship between culture and integration.

Keywords: EU Integration, cultural studies, Chinese higher education, cultural dimension

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