Communication and Decision-making in Public and Private Organizations in Bulgaria

Communication, Libraries, Business

DOI 10.55206/QNMN3490


Daniel Vasilev

University of Economics – Varna


Abstract: Decision-making is a current topic in the management of internal commu­nications in public and private organizations. In the classical concept, decisions are taken independently by the manager, but nowadays it is common for other employees to participate in this process as well. This article represents the results from an empirical study conducted in Bulgarian public and private organizations operating on the territory of the city of Sofia. More than 80 people took park in the survey and a questionnaire for determining the decision-making style GDMSI (General Decision Making Style Inventory) was used. The results show that manage­ment and executive personnel have a highly pronounced dependent de­cision-making style. Managers transfer the responsibility for the decision to other employees in the organizations – the experts. This implies new approaches to communications – to target both experts and managers in an attempt to influence the decision-making process. The research was conducted in the conditions of the Bulgarian cultural environment.

Keywords: communications, decision-maker, decision making style, occupation, public organizations, private organizations.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 56, July 2023

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