User-information Communication in Libraries as a Model of Behavior: Traditions and New Manifestations –

Communication, Libraries, Business

DOI 10.55206/MUIQ6537

Boryana Kozareva

Agricultural Academy, Directorate Library and Publishing


Abstract: The purpose of the article is to trace the development of user-information communication in line with the development of information and communication technologies. Our environment is a factor that influences the behavior patterns of library users. The rapid introduction of artificial intelligence poses new challenges to both users and libraries, because the model of communication is changing and moving to a new type of services and resources. The adaptation of models in accordance with new trends shows the evolution of the environment and the user. By following these models and applying them in practice, a better communication of the user with the information mediated by the services and resources offered by the libraries is achieved. The new conditions of the information environment in which libraries must work pose a number of challenges, the solution of which they must find and offer to their users. The paper analyzes changes in behavior in traditional situations as well as in crisis situations such as the corona virus pandemic. Generalizations are drawn in order to identify contemporary processes and phenomena in the behavior of users in libraries when analyzing Chat GPT, software, algorithms, artificial intelligence.

Keywords: information, user, library, communication model, information behavior model, Chat GPT.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 56, July 2023

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