Contemporary Approaches to Improving the Voice-Speaking Skills of the Orator and the Presenter

Communication, Dialogue, Education

DOI 10.55206/ATXP6560

Valeria Kardashevska 

NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov”


 Abstract: In the age of digital communications and high technologies, voice-speaking skills are of particular importance to good performance and success. Well-developed skills can be the key to achieving a successful career. New knowledge and techniques gained in the field of neurolinguistics and psychotechniques provide new opportunities to improve voice-speaking skills through training in modern formats. Therefore, there is a growing need for new methods aiming to improve communication skills. In this paper, through the method of participant observation, best practices of trainings with business representatives are presented, in which neurolinguistic techniques and psychotechniques, which are scientifically proven and which are effective from a methodological point of view, play a major role. Some of the trainings include individual sessions with a voice coach or group trainings where personalised help and development of communication skills can be obtained. The article has a methodological and practical-applied orientation and focuses on new perspectives for applying the methodological heritage of rhetoric schools and courses in stage speech and oratory in combination with modern training methods.

Keywords: orator, presenter, rhetoric, voice-speaking skills, psychotechniques, neurolinguistics, training.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 56, July 2023

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