Linguistic and Rhetorical Features of Dialogue on Rhetorical Topics between a Human and Chatbot GPT

Rhetoric, Communication, Dialogue

DOI 10.55206/CIKP7841

Ivanka Mavrodieva

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”


Abstract: This paper presents the results of an analysis of a dialogue between a human and a chatbot on rhetorical topics. The problematic has a topicality that is new in the study of an understudied field, namely the communication in a mini-virtual community between a human and GhatCTP. The first focus is on analyzing linguistic and rhetorical features of answering questions posed by the researcher, who is also a participant in the dialogue. The second focus is on the ways in which the results of the search for rhetoric-related information are presented and struc­tured by the chatbot. The third focus is on the ways in which the chatbot identifies itself using algorithms and pre-prepared information by experts from different fields and how it verbalizes and self-assesses it. The first hypothesis is that from a linguistic point of view the chatbot uses terms; does not allow figu­rative language, realizes an informative function; structures short texts of good logical consistency, which are dominated by the statement of previously presented in­formation. The second hypothesis is related to rhetorical themes and canons and it is that the chatbot successfully realizes two rhetorical canons (invention and com­position) searching for information from accessible online sources, selects and structures facts into popular level. The paper tests a research approach, con­ventionally called auto-cyberethnographic monitoring, which combines the cy­berethnographic method with autoethnography. The text does not aim at pro­viding exhaustive information, it is oriented towards establishing the possibi­lities of delineating a new scientific field of research that presupposes an interdis­ciplinary approach and modern research methods.

Keywords: rhetoric, rhetorical canons, language, dialogue, Chatbot GPT, cyberethnographic method, autoethnography, auto-cyberethnographic monitoring.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 56, July 2023

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