The COVID-19 Crisis and the Critique on line Education: Francesco Monico’s “Agamben’s J’accuse against distance learning”

COVID-19 and Changes in the Education

Nora Goleshevska

Institute for Creative Civil Strategies


Francesco Monico’s “Agamben’s J’accuse against distance learning[1]

Abstract: The paper includes results of an investigation and observation of a debate related to distance learning in the situation around COVID-19 in academic communities in Italy. Francesco Monico, Giorgio Agamben as well as representatives of different scientific and research groups in Italy took part in the debate, which started in May 2020. The analysis of the theses, assumptions and argumentation in the publications is from a philosophical, culturological and anthropological stand points. The author presents a translation of Francesco Monico’s article which is included after the analysis and interpretation.

Keywords: COVID-19, distance education, (DAD – Didattica a Distanza), Francesco Monico, Giorgio Agamben.

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