The voice in the rhetoric: manifestations in the new digital reality

Реторика и аргументация: анализи, тренинги, практики

Valeria Kardashevska

Национална академия за театрално и филмово изкуство (НАТФИЗ„Кръстьо Сарафов“


Abstract: The article presents the specifics of the voice on the basis of established theoretical and methodological formulations, but rethought through the prism of teaching and the new digital reality. The article has a practical and methodological aims and it contains the information about the register, tempo, intensity, strength, pitch, melody of the voice. The text presents recommendations and practical advice on how to improve the quality of speech in real and digital environments using technical devices. Situations are systematically presented and good and bad practices are described, techniques are established and opportunities for voice improvement in teaching and speaking in front of a monitor, display, microphone are presented. It is an attepmpt to sense of the speaking in the presence of distance and the attitudes of the virtual audience. The assumption is that the voice continues to be valued as an important tool, and the rhetorical theoretical and methodological heritage can become part of programs for the development of integrative public literacy and present positive models for teaching and learning.

Key words: voice, voice characteristics, timbre, volume and pitch, temporitum, intonation, articulation, orthography.

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