Verbal and visual arguments in tourism image-building (Public Relations in the light of words and images)

Sonya Alexieva

New Bulgarian University


AbstractRhetoric attractiveness plays a key role in achieving practical results in public exchange of information and communication aimed at image-building in tourism. In establishing a corporate or personal image, convincing communication relies on a variety of dominant verbal and visual elements to enhance rhetoric argumentation. Achieving the goals and objectives of rhetoric communication is part of identifying the most effective arguments to build/change image in modern tourism. In this context, this paper analyses the art of argumentation in the light of rhetoric attractiveness through the power of words and images. Examples of PR practices in tourism are given to prove the correlation between effective communication and visual ideas that prioritise arguments in the pragmatic process of image-building in one the world’s most dynamic industries.       

Key wordsrhetoricargumentationpublic relationstourismimagecommunication.

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