A Comparative Rhetorical Analysis of the Speeches of Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI

Political Communication, Political Discourse and Rhetoric

Ivanka Mavrodieva

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Email: mavrodieva@phls.uni-sofia.bg

Abstract: The article examines two speeches delivered by Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI in very complicated political and social situations. A rhetorical analysis is made comparing a radio speech broadcasted on 3 September 1939 and a statement disseminated on 5 April 2020 by electronic media (television and radio) and in a virtual environment by social media. The hypothesis is that both speeches represent messages, causes ​​and ideals and that they are made according to contemporary media and communication channels and they fulfil the goals to present values and to bring people together around important and meaningful issues and also inspire faith and hope. The comparative rhetorical analysis involves exploring the situation, context, channels of communication, orators, audiences, genre features, argumentation, rhetorical figures, the impact and the effects of the royal rhetoric in crisis situations.

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