Tolya Stoitsova

Tolya Stoitsova , PhD, Dr. Sc. is a full professor in social psychology and media studies at the New Bulgarian University (NBU), Department of Mass Communication. She is also director of an international Master’s program in international communication, NBU. Her fields of specialization include verbal and non-verbal communication, mass communication, and international communication, media communication. She has published 6 books, the latest one of which is “Life and Death in Times of Terror” in an author team with American psychologists and more than 130 journal articles and conference talks. Prof. Stoitsova won a Fulbright scholarship in advance mass media research in 2008-2009 at California University in Santa Barbara. She received her Master’s degrees in Psychology and English Philology from Sofia University „St. Kl. Ohridski”. Her PhD in non-verbal communication as well as her Dr. Sc. in mass media studies were successfully defended at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Psychology. For 10 years she has been editor in chief of a journal on psychology. She is a fellow of the Bulgarian Psychological Association and of the European Public Relation Education and Research Association, as well as a National Bologna Expert in Higher Education. E-mail: