Ego, Discourse and Power: the Lion King through the Eyes of Metz, Foucault and Bettelheim

Henrique DoresĀ

Abstract: The present article aims at introducing a semiotic analysis of Disney’s feature-length animated movie The Lion King. This analysis will be carried out on the basis of different theoretical approaches provided by Semiotics, which will simultaneously make apparent the contributions of this discipline in the pursuance for meaning. In order to so, I will be using Bruno Bettelheim’s interpretation of fairy-tales, Foucault’s considerations on discourse and power, and the peculiar approach of Christian Metz to film analysis to support my empirical analysis. Moreover, I will focus my interpretation on the narrative, that is, on the plot of the animated movie, leaving out of my analysis more technical considerations about the production of the piece.

Keywords: semiotics, psychoanalysis, fairy-tales, discourse, power, cinema, politics, myths.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 39, April 2019

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