Media coverage and framing of hate conditioned violence in Bulgaria

Lyuba Spasova

ISSK at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Abstract: Employing content analysis of media publications, the author of the article studies interpretative schemes and frames in the representation of violence and aggression motivated by socially conditioned hatred in Bulgaria. Three symptomatic cases of aggression motivated by hatred and prejudice were selected and their framing was analyzed with regard to definitions, determination, causality interpretations and moral assessments. The results in two of the cases reveal distinct and completely differing and divergent, even in some sense parallel and mirroring one another, interpretative frames. At the same time, the interpretative frames are inherently consistent and sustained in their own logic, and reflect a specific idea of the world and society directly related to the self-categorization, social positioning and behavioral determinants of the actors.

Key words: content analysis, frame analysis, hate violence.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 39, April 2019

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