Lon Safko – „The Bible of Social Media. Tactics, Tools and Strategies for Business Success” Reviewer Silva Dimitrova

Lon Safko is a marketing consultant with more than twenty-five years of experience in speaking, marketing, sales, strategic partnering and e-commerce. He has founded fourteen successful companies, including Paper Models, Inc.;  holds three U.S. patents for 3D Internet advertising, has eighteen inventions in the Smithsonian Institution, and privately coaches companies on harnessing social media, marketing, and innovative thinking to create higher productivity and profits. Lon is an author of six innovative books, which have shown corporations how to train managers to think creatively. […]

Lon Safko helps people transfer trust online. The book presents all of the tools and techniques that social media has to offer while also discussing the reason these social tools are so effective. This is a collaborative effort by experts from around the world. More than a hundred people have directly participated in the creation of this text. Some by editing the grammar, some by creating original content, and some by adding their content to wikis, blogs, web pages, news articles, and some by editing the content with new technologies and a different perspective. The design of the book is also user generated. After surveying nearly thousand people, Lon Safko has summed up, what audiences wanted, namely three different books in one: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success.


Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 12, April 2014, http://rhetoric.bg/, ISSN 1314-4464,


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