Rostislav Davidov – Social Networks as a Communication Tool with Internal and External Audiences in NGOs

Abstract: This article raises the question of the use of social networks in the NGO sector in the communication with internal and external audiences. What is covered, are the differences in communication possibilities offered by online environment and the real actions that are implemented by the management of NGOs. Concepts such as digital audience and NGOs are formulated. The focus is placed on certain aspects of the discussion mode through the creation of community groups and posting of comments on social platforms. A questionnaire method has been used. It aims to determine the general attitude, the attitude of NGOs’ teams towards social networks as well as their functional application in the sector.

Keywords: virtual rhetoric, social networks, online communication, digital audience, internet, eNGO.

Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 12, April 2014,, ISSN 1314-4464

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