Angel Kondev – The Hidden Face of the Protest – A New Line of Fracturing

Abstract: The proposed article (journalistic/ nonfictional text) represents an attempt to analyze the Bulgarian civil protests of February 2013. A critical evaluation is applied to the most common at the time media interpretations of the scale, nature and reasons behind the protest wave that triggered an early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. Based on the comparison with the civil unrest in the country from the beginning and the end of the 90s, as well as the current protest movements in Western Europe, USA, Russia and the Arab world, it is hypothesized that the Bulgarian anti-monopoly protests of February 2013 are a part of a new ideological “line of fracturing” occurring naturally in the globalized world after the collapse of the global bipolar geopolitical model and the communist system.

Key words: civil protest, social revolution, political conspiracy, ideology, globalization

Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 11, January 2014,, ISSN 1314-4464


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