The image of the woman presented in Women Today” magazine (2012-2016)

Mariana Petrova

South-West University “Heofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad


Abstract: The present study is devoted to the portrayal of the image of the woman in magazine advertisements in the emblematic Bulgarian magazine Women Today”, which provokes research interest due to its specificity as a women’s magazine with more than 70 years of publishing history and in the context of its development today in the conditions of post-communist Bulgaria. The research focus is directed, on the one hand, on monitoring women’s stereotypical gender behaviour and representation (gender dispay) in contemporary magazine advertisements, based on the prominent analysis of Goffman (1979) and Kang (1997) and, on the other hand, the relationship of their manifestation in the advertising strategies regarding specific types of goods and services. The present study is an attempt to outline a detailed picture of the depiction of the woman’s image in women’s magazines as a phenomenon in popular culture that defines the criteria of beauty, perfection, femininity and masculinity.

Keywords: gender roles, stereotypes, advertising, women’s magazines.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 36, September 2018,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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