А Problem-Solution Pattern in Internet Presentations of Local- and Global-Target Start-ups

Grzegorz Kowalski

Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, Poland

Email: g.kowalski@uw.edu.pl

Abstract: In this paper I examine the Problem-Solution pattern in start-up project presentations in terms of discursive means whereby subsequent steps of this pattern are expressed in different modalities (text, video, image). I also compare their use in project presentations of local and global-target start-ups in order to verify if addressing the project at either national or international context affects the discursive construction of the Problem and Solution pattern.

Keywords: Problem-Solution pattern; crowdfunding; start-up; start-up platform; discourse; Discourse

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 34, May 2018, rhetoric.bg/, journal.rhetoric.bg, ISSN 1314-4464

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