Stefan Serezliev – Name brand. Creative Process and Argumentation – part two

Stefan Serezliev – Name brand. Creative Process and Argumentation – part twoThe first part Name brand. Communicative aspects was published in Rhetoric and Communications E-Journal, Issue 20, October 2016.

Abstract: This current article is dedicated to a brand name which is always in the center of interest both for the contemporary brand management and the wide audience. What is the actual situation concerning the process of brand naming management? The research is divided into two parts, the author makes an attempt to find out the relevant answers of some research questions and to present some perspectives. What are the communicative and creative challenges facing the brand name in the contexts of participation of different stakeholders and actors: organization, brand managers, communication agencies and creatives? What about the influence of digital opportunities and threats in our modern life on the brand naming process both creation and application? What approaches can be used by experts during the process of searching and application of arguments?

Keywords: Argument, argumentation, rhetoric, visual rhetoric, brand name, brand, branding, brand management, integrated marketing communications (IMC), creative process, copywriter.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 22, April 2016,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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