Gergana Apostolova – Achronia: Strangers in Time

Gergana Apostolova – Achronia: Strangers in Time Abstract: The proposed essay is a sequel to a previously published one on the topic of migration as alienation in time in the context of the opposition of my and foreign studied as metaphysics of human cultural communities and in its appearing in the language change of current models of discourse. The Introduction is a review of the introduced previously concept of achronia: its nature, borders and basic types. Next follows the interpretation of alienation as getting outside the time as individually experienced by the Self and the latter’s impossibility to return to its current flow. This is seen also as disturbing the layers of memory concerning the unity of life in the collective definition of the cultural belonging of a community. Mentally the absurdity of  diversion from the real flow of time is seen as a state of social and political invisibility while the second chance of breaking through the  time border is interpreted as a solution to the mental breaking up with the native culture. The third part of the present essay contains some conclusions made on the grounds of a prolonged applied study of the formation of global culture by the changes of the time-alienation discourse of the M-generations in their the direct net-communication.

Keywords: achronia, models of discourse, discourse of alienation, direct net-communication.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 21, January 2016,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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